Storm Watching Weekend in Leirvik, Sogn

Departure points
10 Jan - 31 Mar
Departure points
3 days
Departure points
From 4440,- NOK per person
A female with blond hair and a warm orange jacket is standing at a rock overlooking the choppy waters during the stormy season somewhere in Western Norway. The sky has a hint of pink and purple tones to it as the sunlight is trying to fight the heavy clouds.David Zadig

Ready for a weekend of stormy highlights? Then we recommend a stay on the wild west coast, where you can often experience all four seasons in just a few hours! The stormiest part of Western Norway. will undoubtedly give you a new appreciation of the expression “there’s no such thing as bad weather...”, as the area is packed with unforgettable experiences, whatever the weather forecast.

A guided hike lets you experience the best local places for storm watching at close proximity. As you become familiar with the Western Norwegian weather and the landscape shaped by it, you’ll also get to know the sheltered spots long known to the local people.

Enjoy comfortable accommodation at the newly refurbished Hotel Sognefjord in Leirvik, with fjord views from contemporary rooms. It’s a pleasure to relax indoors after being outside, and the hotel has a restaurant, café and bar where you can do just that.

To sum up: Authentic weather, authentic people, authentic thrills, authentic experiences – and new horizons. That’s what we call a good trip!


Storm-watching weekend

Friday: Depart from Bergen, arriving at Rysjedalsvika ferry quay. From here, you’ll be driven to Leirvik and Hotel Sognefjord, a journey of around 15 minutes. On arrival, enjoy a welcome drink before dinner. You’ll also have chance to meet your host and find out practical information about what awaits you over the weekend.

Saturday: Breakfast is served, and you’ll be given plenty of information about the day’s activities before setting out on foot. Lunch is served outdoors, before continuing on your storm-watching hike. On returning to the hotel, you can enjoy being back indoors and talking over the high points of the day before dinner. But the day isn’t over yet! After dinner, you’ll set out on an evening walk to a cosy and memorable storm-viewing spot with a bonfire.

Sunday: After breakfast, you’ll be driven to Millstone Park (Kvernsteinsparken) open-air museum, where you can experience historical settings from the Viking period. Then it’s time to enjoy the last lunch of the trip before getting the ferry back to Bergen.

Inlcuded in the tour




Guided storm watching hike

For more details about the schedule and depature time, please click here.


Sights on the trip

  • Stormwatching hike

    A storm watching hike will expose you to the raw elements of nature and take you to spectacular view points. The weather will determine where exactly the hike takes you. Dress warm and let the stormy weather give you rosy cheeks and Instagram photos that clearly shows that life is best outside.

  • Local wildlife

    The area is rich in animal and bird life. Keep a look-out for porpoises, otters, seals, peregrine falcons, herons and white-tailed sea eagles. But there are also art and cultural experiences on offer, with a museum, several galleries, ‘Bulandet – past and present’ folk museum, the Norwegian Seabird Centre, cafés and shops – making the island kingdom a vibrant and welcoming place to visit all year round.

  • Mount Lihesten

    Mount Lihesten is a characteristic part of the local scenery. The mountain towers 777 meters over the fjord.

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Practical information


You’ll find WCs on both the express boat from Bergen, and on the ferry from Askvoll to Værlandet.

Clothing and equipment

The islands may be small, but the wind strengths are considerable and there is a LOT of weather! Bring waterproof and windproof clothing so you can enjoy your storm-watching trip to the full, while staying dry and tolerably warm.

Food and drink

Hotel Sognefjord has its own restaurant serving both traditional and international cuisine.

Additional information

This trip is suitable for 1-6 persons. You can buy a map, stamp and reusable cup as a souvenir of your visit.

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