Go Glacier Hiking at Folgefonna

Boat and bus tour + guided glacier hike
Departure points
24 Jun - 11 Aug
Departure points
Bergen / Norheimsund
11 hours 30 minutes
Departure points
From kr 1490,- per person
A group of people going for a glacier walk at Folgefonna glacier in Western Norway.Paal Hermansen

Whether you are seeking an adventurous glacial climb or a more relaxed hike, this once in a lifetime trip combines a cruise across Hardangerfjord with a hike of the Folgefonna glacier. From stunning mountainous views from the fjord cruise to an abundance of tranquil blue tones on the glacier, this trip is sure to take your breath away.

Folgefonna glacier is in the heart of Folgefonna National Park which has been attracting tourists since the 1830’s. Overlooking the stunning Hardangerfjord, you see the fjord from both the glacier and whilst cruising across Hardangerfjord before and after your hike. With beautiful scenery both from the fjord and the glacier, this promises to be an exhilarating adventure that you definitely shouldn't miss out on whilst in Norway.

The adventure begins at Bergen where you can take the bus to Norheimsund. From there you will travel by boat to Herand and then take a final bus to Folgefonna Glacier Ski Resort. When you arrive at the ski resort you will be met by a tour guide who will accompany you on your hike across the beautiful Folgefonna glacier which takes between 5-6 hours. There are different levels of climbing and various routes depending on ability so the hike can be enjoyed by everyone from the age of 8 and in good health.

Learn about the history, culture and geography whilst hiking the Folgefonna glacier. Enjoy an exhilarating hike and a relaxing cruise along Hardangerfjord with breathtaking views on a clear day.


Sights on the trip

  • Folgefonna Glacier

    Folgefonna glacier is the third largest glacier in Norway. Hike or ski through in the middle of summer and experience breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and Hardangerfjord below. The ice on this coastal glacier is 400 metres deep at its thickest point, and is made up of three plateaux glaciers in the Hardanger region.

  • Hardangerfjord

    At 179km long, Hardangerfjord is the third longest fjord in the world. Surrounded by quaint villages and lush green landscapes, Hardangerfjord provides the perfect backdrop for discovering new adventures. The depths of the fjord reach 900m at the deepest point whilst on the surface, the fjord is lined with steep cliffs and snow-capped mountains which will captivate your imagination.

  • Local Wildlife

    Folgefonna National Park has its own unique microclimate. Heather and arctic-cotton grass grow at the edge of the glacier and plants are well suited to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. The area surrounding the glacier is home to rock ptarmigan, golden eagles and meadow pipit birds.

Practical information


Facilities at Bergen

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • ATMs
  • Shops

Facilities at Norheimsund

  • Multiple grocery stores
  • Restaurant and cafe
  • Shops

Facilities at Herand

  • Grocery store
  • Restaurant

Facilities at Folgefonna Ski Resort

  • Rental equipment
  • Cafe
  • Toilets

What to wear

Even in the height of summer, temperatures can still be mild at the top of the glacier. It is important to be prepared for the quickly changing weather in Norway so we recommend you check the weather before your trip and bring the following items:

  • Warm wind and waterproof clothing
  • Gloves and a hat
  • Mountain or hiking boots
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen

If you don’t have the correct hiking clothing, you can hire gear at the ski centre.

Where to eat or buy food and drink

Once you step onto the bus at Bergen or the cruise at Norheimsund, there won’t be much opportunity to stop for refreshments until you reach Folgefonna. Make sure you have enough food and drinks prior to your trip by preparing a packed lunch and taking snacks with you. There are shops along the way and a cafe at Folgefonna Ski Resort, but your travel schedule is tight so you can get the most of the glacier hike. Therefore, you should take enough refreshments to last the whole trip.

Additional information

To ensure your safety on the hike, you will be provided with climbing equipment to assist you. Everyone in your hiking group will also be attached to a rope and required to walk in a line because the glacier is constantly in motion and the snow can hide cracks in the ice.

If you are staying in Bergen, there are plenty of other trips you can book from the city. Whether it is cycling or cruising along the Hardangerfjord or exploring other islands and fjords in the area, we have lots of other trips for you to discover whilst in Norway.

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