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Visit Voringsfossen Waterfall in Norway

Norway. It’s a spectacular part of the world, truly magical in fact. It’s known for its majestic fjords, skyscraper mountain ranges...and waterfalls!

Did you know that some of the world’s tallest waterfalls are found in Norway? They are a real crowd pleaser. For some reason, there is something spellbinding about watching raging water tumbling down a cliff face. It is truly mesmerizing.

There are lots of waterfalls in Norway that we could tell you about. The one that we’re going to tell you about isn’t the tallest or the smallest. But it is the most photographed waterfall in the country, which is quite a title! Cameras at the ready...welcome to Voringsfossen waterfall!

What is Voringsfossen?

Voringsfossen waterfall is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway, with thousands visiting every year. At 182m high and with a 145m drop, it is significantly smaller than Strupenfossen which stands at 840m and is the highest in Norway. However, you can rest assured that if you take a trip to Voringsfossen, it will be the most magnificent waterfall you’ll ever see!

Where is the Voringsfossen waterfall?

Not too far from Bergen, is the Eidfjord municipality in Hordaland region. The village of Eidfjord sits on the edge of the glorious Hardangerfjord and from here, Voringsfossen waterfall is within easy reach. Water trundles into the depths of Måbødalen, a beautiful valley that stretches from Hardangervidda mountain plateau through to Eidfjord.

Voringsfossen Hardanger

The Voringsfossen waterfall hike

If you’re a bit of an adventurer then you might want to experience the beauty of the waterfall on foot. Well, listen up!

There is a beautiful walk that starts on the side of the road by Storegjel, which is approximately 10 miles away from Eidfjord village. You’ll find it between the second and third tunnel in the Måbødalen valley along route 7. If you’re driving your own vehicle then you will need to park. The nearest car park is just over 1 mile away up at Fossatromma and is free of charge.

The first part of the trail is pretty easy. For 300m you will find yourself ambling along what was the old road. You’ll get to a sign that marks the way for “Voringsfossen.” From here, the trail descends into the canyon and follows a rocky footpath down to the river. In your sights, you will soon spot a suspension bridge. The narrow bridge crosses over a roaring river called Bjoreio and makes an impressive Instagram photo!

Once you’ve crossed the bridge, there is a sign with an arrow that will point you in the right direction to Voringsfossen. By this point, you’ll already be able to see it in the distance.

The next section of the hike will take you over the extremely rocky terrain. In fact, most visitors would say that it doesn’t really follow a direct path.

There are a few things you should probably be aware of before you decide to embark on the epic hike to Voringsfossen.

  • Only one person at a time can cross the suspension bridge, although you may find that people don’t always follow this rule
  • Crossing the bridge can be a challenge as it’s usually very slippery! Take your time
  • The footpath takes you over unstable rocks, so watch your balance
  • Most of the route directly follows the path of the waterfall, so expect it to be wet and slippery underfoot
  • The hiking season is usually between May and October and should not be attempted if there is snow on the ground

So, what do you need to take on the hike?

The hike itself isn’t that long, it’s approximately 2.5 miles. However, it is marked as challenging by the Norwegian tourist board because of the rickety bridge, wet slippery rocks and ascent. So don’t let the short distance fool you into being unprepared.

  • Walking boots are a must! Steady your step and wear sensible footwear
  • A lightweight waterproof to protect you from the waterfall’s inevitable spray
  • A bottle of water to keep you hydrated

You can take food with you if desired. But once you reach the upper viewing platform near the top of Voringsfossen, there are places you can purchase food. You might want to treat yourself after a challenging climb!

How to get to Vøringsfossen from Bergen? If you’re looking to explore Hardangerfjord, Eidfjord and its surrounding attractions then you should check out our Go Hardangerfjord & Vøringsfossen tour. It’s the easiest way to enjoy the fjords.

Don’t fancy a walk? Then take the bus!

There are a number of reasons why you might not want to hike to Voringsfossen waterfall. The route is challenging and may not suit those with little hiking experience or young children. Many people visit the area for a day trip, by taking a cruise along the Hardangerfjord. This means that they have limited time. Luckily, Go Fjords runs a fantastic bus tour, starting in Bergen or at Eidfjord Tourist Information and stopping at the Nature Centre Hardanger and the upper Voringsfossen viewing platform!

The bus stops at a car park near the famous Fossli Hotel. From here it is just a short walk to an accessible viewing platform that overlooks the Måbødalen Valley and the top of the canyon. You will experience fantastic views of Voringsfossen as it flows across the Hardangervidda mountain plateau before spilling over the edge and crashing into the rocky pool below. Rainbows are frequently formed by the sun and water, so if you’re lucky you will witness the arched burst of colour stretching and disappearing into the valley.

When you have finally put your camera down and fully appreciated the stunning surroundings, you can head back towards Fossli Hotel which has a restaurant and a licenced bar. There is also a cafe that serves delicious waffles and mouthwatering ice cream!

A few facts about the Fossli, the Voringsfossen Hotel

  • It was designed by a famous Norwegian architect named Konow Lund in 1881
  • At the time, there was no road so building materials were transported by horseback!
  • Fossli Hotel has passed down the family for four generations
  • It has attracted visitors for over 120 years

If you’re looking to explore Eidfjord and its surrounding attractions then you should check out our Go Hardangerfjord & Vøringsfossen and Go Vøringsfossen tours. It’s the easiest way to enjoy the fjords.